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Главная | Аналитика | Triumvirate Moscow-Baku-Ankara

Triumvirate Moscow-Baku-Ankara

Ramis Yunus

The previous election of the Turkish president, just as previously in March in Russia, and then April in Azerbaijan, has finalized the birth of the triumvirate Putin-Aliyev-Erdogan, which has been formed over the past decade.

Authoritarian power, the fight against dissenters, violation of human rights, lack of freedom of speech, the keeping of political prisoners, and the corruption rampant throughout the hierarchies of each state are but a few of the things that make the regimes similar.  Although the political alliance between Putin and Aliyev can be somewhat understood, due to the countries sharing a similar Soviet mentality, the alliance with Turkey is another matter. After the Second World War, Turkey became one of the first members of NATO, and was the bastion of the democratic forces of Europe and the United States, flanking the southern border of the USSR. Russia and Turkey’s relationship is regrettable, particularly when considering the growing rift between the United States and its allies in Europe. Such growing rift will affect very negatively Turkey and Azerbaijan as well.

Ramis Yunus – political scientist, former Chief of Staff of the Government and former Chief of Staff of the Parliament of Azerbaijan