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Главная | Аналитика | The drama of unrequited love

The drama of unrequited love

Unrequited love is a classical tragedy, described many times by writers, mourned by poets, voiced by composers. Giuseppe Verdi depicted just such love in the most touching way in his popular opera “Rigoletto”. In the story, Gilda sacrifices her life, allowing herself to be killed instead of the Duke, who seduced and abandoned her.

The high act of Gilda’s sacrifice touches us, because it has many tragic analogues in real life. The most striking of them is the heavy drama of the relationship between the Jews and their beloved Socialism, which is presently experiencing an acute aversion to the annoying former mistress. In the romance between Jews and the Socialism there is also a slight element of incest. Jews once gave birth to it, nourished their own creation with its own and others’ blood and cherished the unfaithful traitor for a long time.

Poor attempts to give birth to socialism were made before the Jews as well. Thomas More in the novel “Utopia” and Tommaso Campanella with his “City of the Sun” offered to mankind some rickety versions of it. In the early 19th century Robert Owen even created a commune in America. But, without compulsion, the communards degenerated into exploiters and exploited farm laborers instead. Socialism resisted. It just didn’t want to be born!

The triumphal march of socialism on the planet happened because of the persistent fascination of the Jews with it. Karl Marx created the final theories of the inevitability of socialism – philosophical, historical, economic and political basis for it. According to his theory, socialism had to replace capitalism in a revolutionary way.

Another branch of socialism was brought up by a contemporary of Marx, Polish Jew born in Silesia, Germany, by the name of Ferdinand Lassalle, who created the German Federation of Trade Unions, and then founded the German Social Democracy.

Finally, the emergence of right-wing Social Democracy, based on the revision of Marxism, is associated with the ideas of the third Jew, Eduard Bernstein.

An inaccurate reflection of the ideological aspirations of German Socialist Jews formed three branches of Russian socialism which competed and cooperated in the destruction of the Russian Empire. The Military organization of the “Socialist Revolutionaries” specialized in terrorism. Its policy was made by Mikhail Gotz, the organization of the terrorist attacks was also led by the Jews – first Grigory Gershuni, then Evno Azef. The latter, after a successful terrorist act, handed over the performers to the secret police, which provided the killers with deserved retribution. The security was happy, and Azef was organizing a new terrorist act.

“The Bund”, the Jewish workers’ union was the basis of the two wings of the Russian social democrats. Out of it two socialist parties emerged: consistently Marxists, called “the Bolsheviks” who engaged in looting –they called it expropriations, or, in plain language simply criminal robberies, that allowed their leaders to live comfortably in abroad, in emigration; and, in the Bernstein tradition, the “Mensheviks”, who didn’t commit robberies, but considered themselves one party with the Bolsheviks and therefore claimed to be the part of the loot. Both those and the others were led, to a large extent, by the Jews. The October Revolution was organized by Trotsky, and the Mensheviks were led to their collapse by Martov.

Simultaneously with the Russian Revolution two others took place. In Bavaria,Germany, the Soviet Republic, led by the Jews Kurt Eisner, Ernst Toller, Evgeny Levin, Max Levin, lasted almost a month in the spring of 1919. Jewish leaders were killed, except for Toller, who was saved by the prison sentence. The writer and playwright, Toller committed suicide in 1939, after the failure of socialists, fervently supported by European Jews, in Spain.

Socialists of Hungry were more successful than the Bavarian ones. The Soviet Republic there survived for 4 months, and its leader, the Jew Bela Kun managed to escape to Russia and was executed by Stalin only in 1939, at the same time Toller hanged himself. In a recent essay Alexander Gordon reported that in that republic, 30 out of 48 People’s Commissars and 161 of 202 officials were Jews.

Of course, the most successful was the socialist experiment, in which Jews were not only the leaders-commissars, but also the other participants – I am taking about the Palestinian experiment. In industrial economic section, the Zionist socialists followed the path of Lassalle, creating the United Trade Union called “Histadrut”, the sole owner of the means of production of Israel. And in agriculture they returned to the ideas of the Russian populists, and even deeper, to Owen’s first socialist commune. The kibbutzes, which are dying out today, are the longest socialist experiment in history.

The Palestinian Jews also had their counterpart to the October coup [1], while simultaneously suppressing the Kronstadt rebellion. This [2] is when on June 22, 1948 the cannon of socialists sank the ship of the revisionists Altalena, which delivered weapons to the Jews who fought against the invading Arab armies in the newborn Israel. At the same time, the Socialists killed 18 Jews, 14 of whom survived the Holocaust. But they failed to kill the leader of the revisionists Menachem Begin, who was on Altalena. The commander of the execution of Altalena Yitzhak Rabin remembered almost cheerfully: “People are jumping from the deck to the sea. People on a shore fell into hysterics, yelling: “Begin is on board! Begin on board! Save Begin!” The saved Begin also rescued Israel, saying on the radio that evening: “There will be no Civil War when the enemy stands at the gate!”

Naturally, the leaders of the young Israel were in 1951 among the re-creators of the Socialist International, which collapsed with the start of the WWII. But over the years the socialist movement has become hostile to the Jewish state. Initially, the socialist leaders of Israel were surprised. Shimon Peres asked Bruno Kreisky, the Jew, the Chancellor of Austria and the deputy head of the Socialist International: “Why do you dislike us so much?” Perez pretended not to know that the socialists prefer the poor to the rich, the lazy to the successful, and the backward to the advanced. Therefore, all socialist movements eventually become anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli. Jews are antagonistic to the socially successful.

The history of the USSR can be regarded as a history of the collapse of Jewish illusions. The former member of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party and the secretary of the Comintern [3], Karl Radek, another Marxist Jew, known for his sharp tongue, noted one of the differences between Stalin and Moses: the second led the Jews from Egypt, and the first got them out of the Politburo [4] . You can live outside the Politburo. But in 1937 Stalin shot or imprisoned the most prominent Jewish socialists. In 1948-53 the anti-Semitic campaign was preparing to destroy the remaining Soviet Jews, but the process was interrupted by the death of Stalin. In the remaining years of the Soviet Union, Jews were only discriminated against – they couldn’t enter prestigious universities, find a good work but they weren’t allowed to leave the country.

The fate of the Jews under the rule of the Socialists of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany (better known as Nazis) was worse. In these 12 years of rule they killed about 6 million Jews.

Now the Socialists are in power in most Western European countries. In all of them they are hostile to today’s collective Jew – Israel. The opposing Labor Party in England, virulently Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist, is lead by the well known Jew hater Corbin.

During the years of leadership, Obama turned a Democratic Party of United States into a socialist one. The turning point was the expulsion from the party of the popular pro-Israeli senator Joseph Lieberman, who was rejected by the Democrats of Connecticut in the 2012 primaries.

Now the most popular among the Democrats is the actual winner of the primaries of 2016 (Hillary outstripped him only due to the machinations of DNC) is the senator from Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders. This politician fully embodies the liberal American Jewry. During the election campaign, Sanders in an interview voiced a modern form of “blood libel” – as if the Israelis killed 10,000 civilians in Gaza. As a socialist, Sanders in the conflict over Israel is on the side of the miserable Arab enemies of the Jews, and not the successful Israelis.

The vast majority of American Jewry – 70% – identifies themselves as Democrats. At the same time, according to the Pew agency’s estimate of January this year, the US liberal democrats occupy the side of the Palestinian Arabs in the conflict with the Israelis in the proportion of 2 to 1. On the contrary, the conservative Republicans support the Jewish side in the conflict in the ratio of 16: 1.

The Democrats boycotted Netanyahu’s last speech in Congress. In the second half of May this year, 70 Democratic congressmen sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, demanding that he should not destroy the illegal structures of the Arabs in the south of the Hebron Highlands. Not democrat – a member of Congress participated in the historic opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. None attended a solemn reception on this occasion at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. And several Democratic leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Dick Derbin, Chris Murphy and Bernie Sanders, even condemned this transfer.

So what is left for American Jews who faithfully believe in the socialist ideas of their party? Leading journalist of the party organ of the Democratic Party – New York Times – Jew Thomas Friedman recently published an article: “The worst Democrat is better than the best Republican.” The main organizations of liberal American Jews reoriented to the anti-Israeli policies of their party. The leadership of reformist Judaism condemned the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem. I guess that the main, closing phrase of the annual Easter Seder: “Next year – in Jerusalem!” – the reformists are preparing to change to something like: “Anywhere, but not in Jerusalem.”

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Jewish organizations “Jay Street”, “The Jewish Voice for Peace”, the “New Israel Foundation”, even the Anti-Defamation League, established in 1913 to combat anti-Semitism, are hostile to Israel. American liberal Jews out of love and loyalty to the socialism of the Democratic Party, which is evil for the Jews of Israel, are ready to fulfill the role of Gilda from the opera of Verdi and to sacrifice Jewry.

For them, however, this is not such a big sacrifice. With 80% of mixed marriages among non-orthodoxes, the grandsons and granddaughters of almost all today’s American Jews will already be non-Jews.

By Boris Gulko

Translated by Alla Axelrod 6/17/2018 ©

[1] The author is taking about Russian October Revolution of 1918

[2] The Kronstadt rebellion (Russian: Кронштадтское восстание, tr. Kronshtadtskoye vosstaniye) involved a major unsuccessful uprising against the Bolsheviks in March 1921, during the later years of the Russian Civil War.bringing together Soviet sailors, soldiers, and civilians, the rebellion was one of the reasons for Vladimir Lenin’s and the Communist Party’s decision to loosen its control of the Russian economy by implementing the New Economic Policy (NEP)[2][3] from March 1921.

[3] The Communist International (Comintern), known also as the Third International (1919–1943), was an international communist organization that advocated world communism.

[4] Politburo – the principal policymaking committee in the former Soviet Union, founded in 1917.