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Главная | Общество | Redmoon’s Annual Halloween Bash “Boneshaker” One of The Best Chicago Events

Redmoon’s Annual Halloween Bash “Boneshaker” One of The Best Chicago Events

For one night, Redmoon Theater transformed its impressive headquarters into an ethereal adventure for some 1,000 partygoers, with an interactive experience to engage all senses. The fifth annual event was masterminded by Young Engineers of Spectacle (Y.E.S) Committee.

The large-scale theatrical experience kept the attendees engaged with a plethora of activities: Demonic Comedy Club, Devilish Cooking Class, Redmoon’s Haunted Attic Maze, a live psychic reading, a massage, barber services, the Devil’s Confessional, the UFO Carousel, Cigar, Outdoor Fire Garden, The Bedroom Swat-a-Fly, The Cinematic Cemetery (where guests starred in their own scary movie), and the list goes on. Mezcal-Tasting Salon turned out to be particularly memorable, as the tasting included interesting samples from the production yet to appear on the US market.

The DJs on three different dance floors kept the crowd grooving to some funky beats, while the acrobats (Aerial Dance Chicago) descended from the sky to deliver sweet treats by Eli’s Cheesecakes. The Pastry Wheel, invented by the show organizers to invoke the iconic images of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair Ferris Wheel, provided us with cupcakes, brownies, etc., while the Chocolate Bar served up, oh, so tasty, dip-able treats… Several watering hole stations kept on pouring a variety of libations and beverages to thirsty socializers. Wow Bao offered treats such as steamed Chinese dumplings with various stuffing. Home Run Inn Pizza was there, as well. Performers wandered the venue serving treats and beverages, and Redmoon signature mechanical contraptions such as The Floating Trays, The Libation Machine, The Monkey Butlers, and The Fish Bubble Man helped create a unique atmosphere of an artistic holiday within the walls of the theater.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that in their turn, the Remoon’s “Boneshaker” guests took the costume business as seriously as ever. Quite a few created their own artistic character persona, while others emulated some of the most recognizable ones, perhaps, seen on many venues that night.  All in all, “Boneshaker” is best described as an array of multisensory delights; an event to remember, and to covet to attend again.

Most, if not all shows and events that Redmoon produces, including this one, help to raise funds for the theater’s free outdoor performances that often engage underserved neighborhoods throughout Chicago. This event went under the direction of Kasey Foster, with Will Bishop and Alex Balestrieri under the conceptual direction of Frank Maugeri, who is the Redmoon’s Producing Artistic Director.

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L Mogul, S Telis for Kontinent Media Group
Photography by L Pevtsova , Lorchique Photography

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