Illinois shows its support for Bernie Sanders – Thousands turn out to hear Candidate speak at Summit Rally

By: Leonard Mogul

SUMMIT, Ill. – Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday, March 11, 2016, appeared at a rally at Argo Community High School. In hopes of keeping his Michigan momentum alive he addressed the crowd in Hillary Clinton leaning state.

A large sign hung behind Sanders reading “A Future to Believe In” at a packed rally with supporters holding up “Bernie for President” signs and enthusiastically cheering for the candidate.

Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia – who fell short of his bid for Chicago mayoral position last year against Emanuel – introduced Sanders.  Sanders started off by reminding that his campaign began with only 3 percent in national polls, and since then, “we have won nine states.” He went on to say that “Secretary Clinton is very proud to have the endorsement of Rahm Emanuel. You know what? I don’t want Rahm Emanuel’s endorsement.”  Mere mentioned, Rahm’s name elicited boos. Senator continued by saying that he doesn’t want an endorsement of a mayor “who is shutting down school after school and firing teacher.”

Boos continued, as Sanders mentioned Donald Trump, whose UIC rally had been cancelled earlier that day, where thousands poured on to the university’s campus to protest the candidate’s appearance. Historically, Republican presidential rallies have been held outside of the city limits, closer to areas favorable to the party. The Sanders’s rally attendees cheered when he said, referring to Donald Trump, “Well there is anger. But just because there is anger, he is helping to foment that anger. You don’t call Mexican rapists or murderers or drug dealers.”

Wrapping up the rally Sanders urged to come out and vote, “What has happened in previous caucuses and primaries, we win when turnout is high, we lose when turnout is low.” And, “Next Tuesday, let us make certain we have a record-breaking turnout here in Illinois.”

Bernie Sanders returned to Chicago on Monday, to garner additional support, for a late-night election rally at the Auditorium Theatre.

Leonard Mogul is a community advocate and a media personality with Kontinent Media Group.

Editor’s Note: This does not constitute an endorsement by the publication.

Photos by Edward Spinelli