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Главная | Бизнес и финансы | Veteran Owned BOMB Coffee Supplies Premium Java with a Purpose

Veteran Owned BOMB Coffee Supplies Premium Java with a Purpose


During the month of November, they’re donating 22% of all sales to help reduce the number of veterans who take their lives each day.

BOMB Coffee is a veteran owned company whose carefully roasted, 100% Robusta beans deliver a satisfying sip and the highest caffeine jolt available in the world.

BOMB Coffee delivers a supercharged explosion of flavor and caffeine in every cup. Their beans are handpicked, ensuring the highest quality possible, and then carefully roasted for a bold flavor that’s never bitter.


Unlike other brands that use a blend of beans, BOMB Coffee has selected only premium, naturally grown Robusta beans due to their intense caffeine content. In fact, they deliver twice as much caffeine on average than the typical cup of coffee without compromising on flavor.

“As veterans of both the Navy and Air Force, the well-being of our brothers and sisters in arms is always front and center in our minds,” states co-founder Robert Principato. “When we launched BOMB Coffee we wanted to not only make something different and fun, but also use it to help others.”


This November, BOMB Coffee will be donating 22% of all sales to help raise awareness and inspire support for the 22 veterans that take their life every day.

“Every day over 20 veterans take their life out of fear, traumatic brain injuries, or PTSD,” states co-founder Principato. “It’s an epidemic that no one wants to talk about, but one we can fight with more support and access to better resources.”

BOMB Coffee is available in a bagged, ground and whole bean form as well as convenient cups for use with Keurig machines.



BOMB Coffee opened its doors for business in July 2016 when four men joined together to develop the world’s strongest coffee with BOMB flavor. Their high-quality beans are sourced from small family owned farms located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats mountain range in India. They are then roasted, packaged and distributed in the USA.

For additional information, please visit www.bombcoffee.com or contact brooke@veteranpr.com.

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