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USA-Russia: The Process Begins

Рамис Юнус
Ramis Yunus

After the Russian annexation of Crimea in early 2014, and shortly afterwards the start of Russia’s aggression in southeastern Ukraine, a new Cold War had begun. Two years ago, I was told the following: «It is time for all to concede that regarding relations between the United States and Russia, a new Cold War has begun.» How long it will last depends more on the West and its unified and systemic policy. The firmer the West — particularly its most influential countries — the sooner the rhetoric of the Kremlin will change.”

The recent decision of imposing new sanctions against Russia by the United States Congress, which was later approved by President Trump, has initiated this process. This Congressional decision should be considered a landmark event in the modern history of the United States, as previously the United States lawmakers have not demonstrated a similar level of unanimity in both houses on Capitol Hill. This was a clear and direct message for both an internal audience, particularly President Trump and his administration, as well as for those who closely observe the political situation within the United States from abroad, such as Putin’s regime.

We all remember from recent history the effects and tensions due to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Given that the political and economic opportunities of modern Russia pale in comparison to the capabilities of the Soviet Union, it is not difficult to predict what effects this confrontation will have for Putin’s regime, and Russia as a whole. This situation brings to mind Confucius, who once said «Someone who does not think about the distant difficulties inevitably await close troubles.» The process has started…

Ramis Yunus – political scientist, former Chief of Staff of the Government and former Chief of Staff of the Parliament of Azerbaijan.

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