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Главная | Общество | The Moscow Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International Hosts Reception For Boris Eifman

The Moscow Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International Hosts Reception For Boris Eifman

The Moscow Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, chaired by Aleksandra Efimova and Prince Piotr Galitzine, on May 17, 2013, hosted a pre-performance reception for a legendary Russian choreographer Boris Eifman at the elegant Russian Pointe Boutique.

The reception was attended by over 80 esteemed guests who had an opportunity to meet Boris Eifman and network with other guests, while enjoying a variety of libations and hors d’oeuvres.

Boris Eifman is a native of St. Petersburg, whose featured ballets combine cutting-edge choreography, exquisite technique, spectacular stagecraft, and powerful dramatic interpretation.

Attendees were to hear Eifman speak about his latest ballet, Rodin, that follows the story of French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s turbulent love affair with Camille Claudel, his mistress and muse. Ballet is set to the music of Ravel, Saint-Saens and Massenet — Rodin’s contemporaries in 19-20th century Paris. This production concerned itself with themes of artistic inspiration, madness, and sexual desire.

Principal reception organizer and Russian Pointe Boutique owner, Aleksandra Efimova stated that she is honored to enable the opportunity for the esteemed guests to meet Russia’s visionary ballet choreographer. Efimova continued that “[b]eing able to host a reception for him here in Chicago truly touches my heart.” She went on to talk about Eifman’s new state-of-the-art Dance Academy that he is building in St. Petersburg. This institution aims to offer an outstanding dance education to children regardless of their ability to pay.

Eifman’s ballet is considered a true national treasure to people of Russian heritage. His ballet productions continue to challenge, thrill, and inspire audiences world-wide.  His masterful fusion of classical and contemporary ballet creates a true feast for all senses.

For information on future events, or event promotion, please write kontinentmedia@gmail.com.

Leonard Mogul
Kontinent Media
Arts4Kids Foundation

Photos by Boris Yanovskiy

About Chicago Sister Cities International

Chicago Sister Cities International coordinates programs and projects with Chicago’s 28 sister cities and is committed to promoting Chicago as a global city, developing international partnerships and networks, and sharing best practices on a city-to-city basis.

Since its inception in 1960, Chicago Sister Cities International has built bridges between the people of Chicago and its international neighbors to achieve greater mutual understanding and to strengthen civic, economic, and cultural ties. Chicago has been a sister city with Moscow since 1997.

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