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Главная | Аналитика | Sanctions should be strengthened

Sanctions should be strengthened

Ramis Yunus

It is time to understand that in Ukraine, the interests of those who desire drastic changes in their country from the push towards European integration clash with those who cling to the Soviet past and its characteristics based on Putin and his administration. Unfortunately, in addressing this confrontation, European leaders resort to exhortation, just as previous European leaders Daladier and Chamberlain did before the outbreak of the Second World War. That is all we remember from history. As such, in order to not repeat our past mistakes, the European Union should not simply extend sanctions against Putin’s regime, but also strengthen them in all directions, such that the economic situation in Russia would not allow these modern ‘Furhers’ and ‘Russian land gatherers’ to prevent their neighbors for living their own lives. We must make sure they are not afraid of integration into Europe, and are not constantly lookig back at Russia. Otherwise, we will long witness the bloody events in post-Soviet countries.

Ramis Yunus – political scientist, former Chief of Staff of the Government and former Chief of Staff of the Parliament of Azerbaijan.

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