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Главная | Общество | Redmoon’s Spectacle Lunatique

Redmoon’s Spectacle Lunatique

Redmoon theater’s annual Spectacle Lunatique has gathered this year more than a thousand of guests, including about 300 vip guests, civic, cultural and business leaders. This occasion was not a regular play, but a fundraiser, that combined a grand reception with mini-performances throughout the theater’s new warehouse-sized space on the near-south side of Chicago. Theater-goers now well the characteristic visually-mesmerizing emphasis of Redmoon’s shows that often integrate and fuse elements echoing Japanese Kabuki pageantry, among others, and this reception did not disappoint in its style, as well. The performances ranged from Aerial Acrobatic Food Service, to pyrotechnic fire shows, stilted servers, 30-drummer percussion band, quasi-technical artsy contraptions (with pretty actresses inside) for beer pouring, and the like.

In addition to performances and interactive installations, guests enjoyed delights from several top restaurants, including plenty of sushi, and many other hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Chef Tasting Stations included Michael Carlson of Schwa, Luca Corazzina of 312Chicago, Thai Dang of Embeya, Jerl Griffin of Flemming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, Mark Mendez of Vera, Jason Vincent of Nightwood, Jared Wentworth of Dusek’s, as well as chefs from Tuesday Night Dinner and 90 Miles Cuban Cafe.

Among the many notable guests there was Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his wife, Amy Rule, in attendance. Theater’s executive and producing artistic directors, Jim Lasko and Frank Maugeri, spoke to the guests via video link. Howard Tullman, past President and CEO of Flashpoint Academy, Chairman and CEO of Experiencia, Inc. and newly named CEO of Chicago tech hub 1871, was honored with the 2014 Galvanizer Award.  He received this award for his dedication to creating future leaders in digital arts through Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, his inspiring work in education, and other achievements.

A Silent Auction had run throughout the evening, and included items such as an all-inclusive viewing package for the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst Resort; a private hosted event at Mars Gallery with wine and a trio of Redmoon food and beverage devices; and a VIP dining experience at Michelin star-rated restaurant Moto for 10 people.

The tickets to this memorable event ranged from $450 to $5000 for vip packages. Thanks to the outpouring support of its many fans and contributors, over the past 23 years, Redmoon Theater has brought its performances to underserved areas as well as the streets, parks, and neighborhoods of Chicago, witnessed and participated in by the hundreds of thousands, and they are gearing up for the upcoming Great Chicago Fire Festival.

S Telis, L Mogul for Kontinent Media
Photos by Alex Riemann

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