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«Ночной таксист» Tet-A-Tet Community Theatre

Tet-A-Tet Theatre

Hello Dear Colleagues!

There is something I didn’t have a chance to tell about myself.

For more than 6 years now I participate as an actor, producer and artistic managing director for well established in Chicago Russian Community Theater.

On behave of our theater I am writing to you with a very special invitation!

Our name is Tet-A-Tet Community Theatre. We were born here, in Chicago back in 2005. From the time of our birth, we have mostly performed within the Russian community. However, as we are starting to take our baby steps, we would like to share our wonderful experience as a Theatre with other communities as well!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you with a play that might already be very familiar. It is written by a British author, Ray Cooney, and is called: “Run for Your Wife”.  It is a very funny comedy that would be a delight for all!  We are sure that you will enjoy it!

The play will take place on December 1st, 2012 at 7 pm on the stage of Christian Heritage Academy. The address is 315 Waukegan Road, Northfield, IL 60093. Also, here is something unique; the play will have professional synchronized translation to English, done by our native English speaking actors!

Since we would really love to see you, we have a special offer! The tickets, which normally cost $25 and up, will cost only $15 with a copy of this email! This is our special way of welcoming you to explore another culture!

If you would like to learn more about our Theatre and what we have already done, please, visit our website at: www.tetatetchicago.com/en . Please, email me/us if you have any questions: tetatetchicago@gmail.com.

If you think that someone else might be interested in this offer, please, feel free to forward this emailvitation! We would greatly appreciate it!

With lots of love,

Tet-A-Tet Theatre

Tet-A-Tet Theatre

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