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Главная | Общество | IOnTheScene’s Celebration Party

IOnTheScene’s Celebration Party

On April 21, IOnTheScene held its celebration party at Union Sushi, an upscale bar and restaurant.  The venue was open for this exclusive invite-only event.  This celebration was organized by IOnTheScene – a social web-zine company, with support of a well-known PR firm MarCon Communications.

IOnTheScene celebrated its launch and introduced the guests to expanded digital platform that provides its readers with exclusive photos, red-carpet interviews, video, as well as other selections of original content.

The event was attended by close to 200 esteemed guests and the media.  Upon arriving, guests were greeted as they walked the red carpet leading indoors. Once entered, just as at the other exclusive and glamorous events covered by IOnTheScene, guests were photographed by event photographers and welcomed inside.

Attendees had an opportunity to indulge in delicious sushi parade, signature appetizers (my favorite were grilled medallion scallops), and had their fill of libations, including the I-tini, event’s signature drink. Jill Silverstein, Director of Sales, standing atop of a long stair, from the bird’s-eye view talked about IOnTheScene’s expanded capabilities encompassing VIP ticketing services that enable access to high-profile events, movie premiers, musicals, a social event calendar, and articles from contributing nationwide bloggers.  She also mentioned their sites added “Powerful Partners” feature, that has video content and a blog, giving an opportunity for site’s visitors to get an inside look into the lives of influential men and women. IOnTheScene covers it all, from glamorous events to business, civic, social, and to celebrity personalities on the scene.

Silverstein then introduced IOnTheScene’s founder Irene Michaels.  Irene is no stranger to the celebrity scene. An actress by training, she is a regular at some of the most exclusive events around town and nationwide. She is a celebrity insider journalist who covers high-profile red carpet events from New York to Los Angeles. Irene briefly spoke about her company’s future plans. The company will continue covering red-carpet interviews from high-profile events, feature upscale businesses, and luxury brands’ grand openings.

As the evening was finally drawing to a close, guests were reluctantly departing, lingering at this memorable event. As a parting gift all received a bag filled with goodies from the sponsors.

Seen on the Scene: Walter & Susie Jacobson, Mike & Kristina McGrath, Arny Granat, John & Myra Reilly, Karyn Calabrese, Dr. Nolan Levine, Kim Gleeson, Dr. Michael O’Meara, Bonnie Spurlock, Michael Kutza, former State Senator  Bill Marovitz, Jane & Ramesy, Dr. Lauren Striecher, Jason Brett , Laurie Davis, Maryann Childers and Jay Levin.

To learn more about IOnTheScene, please visit  http://ionthescene.com .

For information on future events, or event promotion, please write kontinentmedia@gmail.com.

Leonard Mogul
Kontinent Media Group
Arts4Kids Foundation

Photos by Mitch Canoff

Event Sponsors
Lake Point Tower Spa, Contessa Bottega, Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa, Skyline Pilates, Jan Lewis Designs, West Town Bakery, Palmer Florist, OnAirr Productions, Michigan Avenue Magazine, Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique, CS Magazine, Morpho Cosmetics and James Harvitt Holistic Medicine & Licensed Acupuncture. Supporters were Molly and Martha Melman and Grand Slam Productions.

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