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Главная | Общество | International Art Exhibit “I Am Thankful For…” 2014

International Art Exhibit “I Am Thankful For…” 2014

To be featured at The Dallas Galleria

Inviting Sponsors, Participants, and Volunteers

What does it mean to be thankful? Can we say “Thank you” and really mean it? Psychologists say that being thankful awakens our sense of happiness. Often, the feeling of gratitude becomes a philosophy of life that gives us inner peace and harmony. Take on life with a spirit of gratitude; don’t focus on the negative things. Psychologists believe that, through education and the personal development that follows, one can learn to find this feeling.


Where do we start? Maybe we should take a closer look at our children and see what we can learn from them. Perhaps it is the fact that they can be happy over one little thing, and we as adults need to find many reasons to be happy. As we say, “Never enough.” Or maybe, adults find it is more important to be surrounded by the opinions of others as opposed to children who mind their own personal feelings? Children are forgiving, spontaneous, laugh a lot, dream big, and are genuinely happy and thankful. They are thankful for everything that brings them joy here and now. They are thankful for their mom and dad, for God, for their country, for life and happiness, for their pets, for an opportunity to sing, for the ocean, for sports, for dolphins, for snow, for the sun, for “365 days of colorful happiness”…

The art work «365 days of colorful happiness» is one of hundreds of striking pieces in the art exhibition “I Am Thankful For …” Today the project has become so popular that it accepts art from individuals of different age categories: under 5 years, 5-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-14 years, 15-18 years as well as family members older than 18 years. This gives an excellent opportunity for adults to experience a new world of their own. The organizers are confident that the boundaries of the art exhibition “I Am Thankful For …” will continue to grow from year to year. The basic premise includes education, awareness, spirituality and moral development. As noted by Nadya Tatsch, one of the organizers and President of the Eurasian Association of DFW, “Think about the meaning of gratitude and then present it on paper. By practicing thankfulness our children will learn the lesson of gratitude that they will carry over into adulthood.”

This year the exhibition will be held from November 21 to December 7 at The Dallas Galleria shopping center. (13350 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX).

The organizers are currently inviting everyone, children and adults, to participate regardless of race and background. If you are residing outside of Dallas, you can still participate by mailing your original art work. All art work is accepted until November 8th 2014.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to take the journey with EADFW and discover your creative abilities to express vision on canvas, to help our children with a positive attitude about the world, to allow yourself to feel gratitude and appreciation of the world, nature, life and people, all of which we are sincerely thankful for.

Alya Sultanova,

EADFW’s Leadership Committee

English translation courtesy by Ada Taran and Ruth Jefferson. Photo courtesy by Dallas Telegraph.

The International Art Exhibit “I Am Thankful For…” is giving you an opportunity to become Volunteer or Sponsor of the exhibition.

1320 Overland Drive, Murphy TX 75094 | 972.489.7449

info@eurasiaDFW.org | www.eurasiaDFW.org

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