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Главная | Общество | Bon Appetite at Deka Restaurant – VIP Grand Opening

Bon Appetite at Deka Restaurant – VIP Grand Opening

On November 17, Deka Restaurant, located in Wheeling on the corner of Dundee Road and Milwaukee Avenue, held its VIP Grand Opening. The upscale French — Russian fusion restaurant has a name that was inspired by a concept project that was based on an art deco design. Deka integrates some mid-XXth-century design elements with a contemporary Vegas-style semi-private video gambling room.

The attendees on this day had an opportunity to meet the co-owners, Aleksandr Vaysman and Igor Shtrambrand, as well as the former chef from the iconic Le Francias, Michael Richie. Later, the guests indulged in a spectrum of libations offered by the bar that boasted a selection of more than 50 rare varieties of vodka, including Grey Goose VX (which is a blend of 95 percent vodka and 5 percent cognac), and an assortment of wine varietals, including private vintage labels, carefully paired with the flavorsome hors d’oeuvres by Deka’s in-house sommelier.

Igor Shtrambrand explained that “historically, the members of Russian noble class used to send their chefs to train in culinary arts in France, and as a result, many notable Russian dishes are influenced by French cuisine.” Hence the menu highlights a bountiful selection of French dishes, often with a Russian twist; from a more traditional fare of beef and chicken pelmeni (or «pierogi», as they are sometimes called in a reference to a Polish equivalent), to the dishes that satisfy a more inquisitive diner, such as veal and foie gras dumplings, as well as seven different types of caviar.

The restaurant has seating capacity for 100 guests in the main dining room, in addition to 20 in its private room, and for the warmer months has the ability to seat up to 100 more at its custom-designed patio area.

“We’re offering diners a more sophisticated take on dining in the Russian style”, declares Mr. Vaysman. With everything that Deka offers it is sure to satisfy some of the most discriminating palates, and even without the need to venture out to downtown Chicago.

For event coverage or future event information, please write to kontinentmedia@gmail.com

Leonard Mogul
Photos by Lana Abramova, Your Moment by Lana

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