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Главная | Общество | Barabara Gasior Photo Exhibit Honored Successful Polish Women in Chicago

Barabara Gasior Photo Exhibit Honored Successful Polish Women in Chicago

On March 17, 2013, Harwood Heights, IL, Barbara Gasior Photo Exhibit Honored Successful Polish Women in Chicago was held at Ridgemoor Country Club. The event was organized by Barbara Gasior, a well-known Chicago photographer.

The exhibit displayed photographs of over 30 successful Polish-American women from various backgrounds, ages and career paths. When discussing with Barbara Gasior how she chose her candidates, she remarked that “these Polish women all share one thing in common: they have the ability to think in terms of success and take advantage of their knowledge and talents in order to change the dynamics and directions of their lives.”

The event was attended by close to 100 esteem guests all coming together to honor Successful Polish women recognized there.  Guests had an opportunity to browse the photo exhibit and network with other professionals. The event likewise offered an opportunity to bid on photographs by Barbara Gasior.

While dining on delectable dishes and desserts, a gifted young cellist, Sara Noel Berger performed. It was then followed by young performers Michael Sowacki with “PROFUSION” Band, Karolina Baran, Kinga Smutek, Andrian Piekos and Daniel Brozek. The recipients of the recognition were introduced throughout the evening. They spoke about what this honor meant to them and for the community in general.

As the event was drawing to a close, Tom Ciastko on guitar, and Andy Dylewski percussion bid farewell to guests with an electrifying performance.

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Leonard Mogul
Kontinent Media Group
Arts4Kids Foundation

Photos by Bartosz Kasza

Outstanding Polish Women Photo Exhibit Included
Grazyna Maneykowski, Dorothy Malachowski, Anna Klocek, Alina Mikolajczyk, Iwona Bochenska-Wegrzyn, Elzbieta Golebiewski, Urszula Baginski, Dobra Bielinski, Malgorzata Kotlarska, Magdalena Domanska, Marzena Jonak, Krystyna Teller, Teresa Habczyk, Elzbieta Stolarczuk, Marta Rog, Kinga Litwiniuk, Aneta Trusner, Anita Chlipala, Diana Eva Lebiecki, Joanna Zelaya, Rysia Skirucha, Kasia Wiska, Agnes Rapacz, Dominika Puchalska, Anna Grochowska, Barbara Banaszczyk, Anna Tomaszewski, Anna Leski, Sylwia Lisiecki, Malgorzata Sypien, Aga Kaskiewicz, Anna Lebiecki-Helma
Katatrzyna Pogoda

Young Performers
Michael Sowacki (10) (violin) and “PROFUSION” band

Karolina Baran (11) — vocal, bass
Kinga Smutek(14) — piano, vocal
Adrian Piekos (11) — percussion
Daniel Jonak (15) — piano, guitar

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