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Главная | Общество | Arts4Kids Foundation Brings Arts to Inner City Youth

Arts4Kids Foundation Brings Arts to Inner City Youth

I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the peopleAlvin Ailey

A number of years ago opportunity presented itself for me to attend a production by the legendary Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  I’ve become fascinated by Ailey’s choreography and the theatrical experience, which stimulated all senses. Right in front of my eyes I saw the perfect marriage of ballet and modern dance, with costumes and make-up all bundled up into an unforgettable visionary delight.

As the years went by and my intense relationship with the arts became stronger, coincidentally, at the same time art-related programs in schools slowly depleted. It dawned upon me that art, that was readily accessible during my youth was now being eradicated.  At that moment I’ve become inspired to create an organization that would help fill this vacancy and introduce children to a variety of art forms, regardless of their socioeconomic levels; and hence, foster intellectual and emotional growth. Thus — the birth of Arts4Kids Foundation.

Now, fast-forwarding to March 8, 2014. This day marks a special milestone for Arts4Kids. The organization in collaboration with the Auditorium Theatre and the Alvin Ailey, sponsored a gratis event for the inner city youth of Chicago.  The children participated in the Creative Movement workshop instructed by Kristen Smiley of the Auditorium Theatre, hosted by the Roosevelt University, then enjoyed treats and beverages sponsored by Arts4Kids and Bellis, along with a spectacular sweets table by the Rodwall Couture Cupcakes.

Following the workshop and reception, the children were ushered to the Auditorium Theatre, where for most it being their first time, an awe-inspiring, live performance by the Alvin Ailey began.  Ailey engaged the little patrons with the merger of dynamic and vibrant mix of ballet, modern dance, jazz and African dance techniques.

While this event left an everlasting imprint on over 50 inner city children and educator-volunteers in attendance, it motivated and inspired me to create future art-based events that give the gift of arts to children and inspires them to aim higher and reach further.

To learn more about the organization or to donate, please contact via Arts4KidsChicago@gmail.com

Leonard Mogul

Arts4Kids Foundation

Photos by Larisa Pevtsova

About Arts4Kids Foundation

Founded in 2012, the Arts4Kids Foundation, partners with diverse children’s organizations to create extracurricular opportunities to stimulate and develop the imagination and critical thinking. We aim to create educational opportunities for children through arts that motivate, and engage children in learning; cultivate values, team-building skills, and teach to embrace different cultures and traditions.

Find US on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Arts4KidsFoundation

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