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Главная | Общество | Artishock Held Art Contest «Fall Landscape» and Award Ceremony

Artishock Held Art Contest «Fall Landscape» and Award Ceremony

Arts4Kids Foundation Sponsors Reception

On Sunday, December 8, 20014, Art Studio “Artishock” held its Art Contest “Fall Landscape” and Award Ceremony. The event took place at a sponsor’s venue Fast Frame Shop in Arlington Heights, IL. Despite the inclement weather, many parents came with their children, and some of them joined as participants, while others as supporters. After a drawing contest, the children eagerly awaited as the panel of three judges selected the best artwork. In the end, 3 sets of winners in 4 different age groups were awarded the prizes, as well as had their artwork framed by the venue sponsor.

Talia Prilutsky, owner of Artishock Art Studio, summed up the event by saying that “we have been working hard on this contest.” She went on to say that over 50 unique student artwork pieces, themed after “Indian Summer”, were represented at the event.

Following the award ceremony, children with their parents traveled to a local café, where they enjoyed pizza and cupcakes, sponsored by Arts4Kids Foundation. “It was an honor to sponsor a reception for the Artishock kids, and we at Arts4Kids Foundation would like to congratulate all Artishock participants and winners,” remarked a representative from the foundation.

To learn more about Arts4Kids Foundation or to get involved visit www.Arts4KidsFoundation.org

Leonard Mogul
Arts4Kids Foundation
Kontinent Media

Photos courtesy of Artishock and other participants

3 sets of winners in 4 different age groups:

Group #1 -5-6 years old
1. Soleil Persits (5 y.o.)
2. Philip Boyko (5 y.o.)
3. Alexandra Brukhova (6 y.o.)

Group #2 -7 years old
1. Vivien Stankevichus (7 y.o.)
2. Isabel Suarez (7 y.o.)
3. Isabelle Kogut (7 y.o.)

Group #3 — 8-9 years old
1. Alexandra Smolyanaya (9 y.o.)
2. Misha Maryan (8 y.o.)
3. Polina Vist (9 y.o.)

Group #4 -10+ years old
1. Viktoriya Lypka (10 y.o.)
2. Alexandra Fedorov (12 y.o.)
3. Sofia Kolobaev (10 y.o.)

1_Artishock 2_Talia Prilutsky, Founder of Artishock_Leonard Mogul, Founder of Arts4Kids_Foundation_with_Sofia F 3_Artishock 4_Artishock 5_Artishock 6_Artishock_Soleil P 7_Artishock 8_Artishock 9_Artishock 10_Artishock 11_Artishock 12_Artishock 13_Artishock 14_Artishock

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