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Главная | Новости | Letter to Mrs. Rothstein

Letter to Mrs. Rothstein

Dear Mrs. Rothstein,

I, the undersigned, have at my disposal important information regarding the safety of Jews in Germany, which can also affect the safety of Jews around the world.

In 2001 a German daily Bild, which belongs to Axel Springer AG, reported about an unprecedented theft of German Jews’ personal data. According to Bild, the mentioned personal data originally possessed by the Thuringia secret service had been given to Thomas Dienel, an extremely dangerous Neo-Nazi, who transferred them to the Iranian secret service and is free till this day. The Bild article informs that the officers of the secret service were aware of the fact that their President, Dr. Helmut Roewer, had directed the committing of this crime. The article ends with a statement that nobody had stopped him. The newspaper staff did not notify any investigating authorities although they were obliged to do that according to German law. This resulted in a continuation of the Neo-Nazis’ crimes.

Dear Mrs. RothsteinAt the time the data theft happened, I was living in Thuringia. Having based on Bild’s report, I got to a conclusion that my own personal data could also have been transferred to the Iranian terrorists. Then, all my attempts to make German state bodies investigate the crime ended with a failure. As a result, I had to leave Germany for I wasn’t sure about my own safety.

Due to very important disclosures, it reveals now, after 12 years, that the secret service agency of Thuringia had organized the National Socialist Underground (NSU). The members of this terrorist cell have committed 11 murders: they are responsible for the murder of Abraham Grunbaum (an Israeli Rabbi shot in 2001 in Zurich, Switzerland), nine German citizens of Turkish and Greek origin and one German policewoman. The organizers of these crimes are the same secret service officials who stand behind the transfer of German Jews’ personal data to the Iranian Embassy. Unlike the murders of non-Jews mentioned above, both the death of Rabbi Grunbaum and the data theft have never been investigated.

The prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe in December 2011 has claimed about the beginning of an investigation of the Rabbi’s murder, but nothing happened. The issue of the data theft was left without any legal ramifications as well. The inspirators and perpetrators of these crimes are still unpunished.

The personal data illegally possessed by the Iranians have proved to be a real threat to the US national security — this data would have been used for making fake passports. So I think it necessary to file a lawsuit against Axel Springer New York in order to get the investigation of this data theft started. This is the only way to punish the accused. If you are interested to handle the case or have any insights on the matter, please email: felix7887@gmail.com


Sincerely Yours,
Felix Deutschmann,
Victor Glikin,
Gregory Gurevich


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